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Producer Matt Starr (drummer Mr. Big / Ace Frehley) contacted us to be interested in producing a couple of our songs and record them at the 606 Studios (Dave Grohl / Foo Fighters) in Los Angeles.

For a tiny little symphonic metal band from The Netherlands this is really awesome and we are honoured in getting a chance to work with such a great musician. To make this dream become a reality we started a crowdfunding campaign on the platform You can find our campaign HERE

We need all the help we can get from our fans, family, friends and all the people who believe this endeavour must take place. Become a part of this great project and help our band to fulfill its dream, its goal, its final destiny in becoming the greatest band in the world.

About the band.

Fire Within was founded back in 2012, Middelburg, The Netherlands. What started as a symphonic hardrock cover cacophony with some changes in the line up they eventually developed into a solid band. They recorded their selftitled promotional debut album in November 2014.

Influenced by the old school metal from the 80’s, and inspired, but not limited by modern symphonic metal bands nowadays, Fire Within was able to create their own sound. Clean vocals and grunts meet a close harmony of guitars and keyboards, orchestral arrangements, with a solid bass and heavy beats. All of this along with catchy hook-lines and the joy to make everybody having the time of their lives. The band has an open and honest sound with a sparkle of real vintage power.



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